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Welcome to Canna cloud delivery Services! We have been instrumental in providing holistic alternatives to the ever-growing opioid problem in our community of Van Nuys. Our collective has established a menu of Sativa, Indica, Vape Pens, Concentrates, and Edibles. It is the goal of Canna cloud delivery Services to accommodate our patients suffering from any medical diagnosis, Anxiety, and mental health. ID can ensure financial cooperation with our patients by offering a variety of discounts and coupons to help the growing Financial burdens on our veteran, seniors, and disabled patients. If you need more information on our products please feel free to call us at 951-293-4227.

Want to know which other areas we are serve? Check our our location page or call us at,951-293-4227

We serve the following zip codes in the Van Nuys area:

Zip Code 91404
Zip Code 91407
Zip Code 91408
Zip Code 91409
Zip Code 91410
Zip Code 91401
Zip Code 91405
Zip Code 91406
Zip Code 91411
Zip Code 91482
Zip Code 91499
Zip Code 91470
Zip Code 91496