Benefits of Having a Medical Cannabis Card


Access for Ages 18-21

Medical marijuana states, allow use for  medical patients under the age of 21.The person must obtain a doctor's recommendation to legally use cannabis. That’s where (click here; NuggMD ) comes in!

Larger possession limits

In all states, medical cannabis patients can possess and purchase larger amounts than recreational cannabis users. In most states, medical cannabis is the only option for legal use!

Save on Taxes

In California there exist state excise taxes, cultivation taxes, and sales tax at the local municipality level. As a medical marijuana patient, you’ll save about 10% on your purchases!

Purchase any Products

Medical patients have access to exotic strains and higher-concentration edibles that aren't available to recreational users.

Visit More Dispensaries

Even in legal states, many local cities allow medical cannabis, but not recreational. Having a medical card will grant you access to any licensed marijuana dispensary in your area.

Apply for your MMIC

In all states, a doctor's recommendation allows you to apply for the state program. California's Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP) is optional, Nevada's Registry ID program is needed for medical purchases, and New York's Registry Identification Card is mandatory for full protection, but all these states have one thing in common - you have to be approved by a doctor first!

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