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Welcome to Canna Cloud Delivery Services, we have been instrumental in providing holistic alternatives to ever-growing opioid problem in our community of the inland Empire Our collective has established a menu of Sativa, Indica, Vape Pens, Concentrates, and Edibles. It is the goal of Canna Cloud Delivery Service ( the best delivery services in Ontario, Ca, Montclair, Ca., LaVern, CA., San Dimas.Ca.Rancho Cocamonga, Ca., and Upland, Ca. to accommodate our patients suffering from any medical diagnosis, Anxiety, and mental health. Canna Cloud can ensure financial cooperation with our patients by offering a variety of discounts and coupons to help the growing Financial burdens on our veteran, seniors, and disabled patients.


‘Canna Cloud’ the Best MMJ Delivery Services has integrated our platform with CannaCtrl.com. CannaCtrl is a METRC Approved software allows us to securely monitor and record all products from seed to sell, keep track of all transactions and effectively organized delivery’s while becoming completely transparent to the new state requirements. HIPAA Secured Cloud, Our Delivery Service believes that protecting our patient’s confidentiality is of the utmost importance. HIPAA compliance was a crucial foundation. Once a patient information is uploaded into our network, this info is pushed directly to the CannaCtrl server, the patients can feel safe knowing that your information is stored and protected by federal law.

At Canna Cloud Delivery Services our new logistics platform enables us to track our drivers anywhere, with our built-in Instant Patient Verification. This platform will save time on patient’s verification process and hassle-free patient management. We now have instant consumer verification, built-in ID scanningelectronic age verification and digital signatures to make our patients experience hassle-free and convenient.

It is our conviction the medical cannabis patients deserve something better than the services and quality commonly found in this industry. We believe in quality over quantity and continuous improvement

Try our service and we promise you’ll never look back.